Outbound Search Tips To Finding Your Dream Marketing Role

Now that you’ve ranked your 6 Career Factors for your new marketing role, there are some easy next steps - low-hanging fruit, as we say in the biz.

If you’ve ranked Location, Title, or Company in your top 3 career factors, then you’re on the fast track. You can head right over to the LIZ boards (LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter).

Just plug in your location and radius, your desired role or title, or the name of that company you’re dying to work for. Then hit Search and voila - you’re on your way!

If, on the other hand, you ranked Salary, Balance, or Challenge in your top 3 career factors, then your next steps aren’t as black and white.

Why, you ask?

Well, most job boards and job descriptions don’t explicitly call out a salary (although some do provide a suggested range).

You’ll also have a very hard time getting an understanding the corporate culture and work/life balance from afar, even if you pour over the company reviews on Glassdoor.

And, finally, the level of challenges you’ll face in the role will depend largely on you and your direct management chain...again, nearly impossible to gauge through online research alone.

That said, there are other online job posting platforms that will give you an additional layer of transparency and corporate intel, which you won’t find on LinkedIn, Indeed, or ZipRecruiter.

Now, we can hear you crying out from beyond the wifi connection: “But Erik & Jed, I have some of both groups of factors in my top 3! What do I do then??”

In that most likely of cases, you’ll of course want to do a little combination of both tactics; the old-faithful LIZ job boards, plus researching through those newer-school job posting platforms.

Here are some of those more niche online job resources to consider...


Another job aggregator, but with a new spin…


Here you’ve got a job aggregator that only includes job posts where remote work is okay. It does include entry-level positions, as well as more experienced roles.


his is a questions & answers marketplace that most go to for specific crowd-sourced expert answers. But try this - go to Quora, and type in “Who’s hiring for social media roles in Atlanta?” Just pop in that question, and chances are someone will answer you, and it will be a timely, relevant position.


Lots of great content resources for marketing topics, but also lets you log in, build a profile, indicate if you’re looking for a job or network.

Local Marketing Association Job Boards

American Marketing Association has local chapters in just about every metro in the US, and they have regular panel and networking events, plus most have a job board. Sign up, show up, network, and see what’s available on the job board.

Alumni Association Job Boards

Chances are, your Alumni Association have a Facebook or LinkedIn Group that allows you to tap into the extended network of your school. There are also other local or topical networks in Slack - a great place to connect with others, talk career opportunities, and see what comes back.


Another great marketing resource is Meetup.com - a local events platform. They’re always a local club or professional group getting together that day, the next day, next week, so RSVP and put it on your calendar. You’re not necessarily going to hand out your resume, although you’re going to connect with people and expand your network. By starting early, your network will grow and pay you back many times over throughout your career.

The other part about your network is the passive side. LinkedIn is the extended resume that most hiring managers will be looking at. Focus on the keywords that you want to be found for. And don’t overlook the fact that you can upload content, blog posts, projects, slide decks, and any other relevant materials that could let people see that you know your stuff.