Career Mentor: Executive

Career Mentor: Executive

999.00 every month

You've seen a lot in the marketing landscape. While you've been managing budgets, teams, and the operations of your marketing team, some things have changed…a lot.

You will receive a personalized plan, resources, customized exercises, research tips, and a professional network for your specific journey.

Best For: The Director or VP of Marketing that wants to work on team culture, foster collaboration, generate Board-level buy-in, and achieve the last stage of their professional development.

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When your marketing career is in transition, you need more than just advice from a book. You need an experienced Career Mentor to sherpa you up the mountain.

With a Career Mentor, you’ll get 1-on-1 and on-demand coaching from a Certified TMH Mentor. Our program is personalized to you and designed to provide maximum impact right now, to help you get through any career transition efficiently and effectively.

From the first call, you’ll get a 30-day Mentoring Plan with Action Items. Sessions take place via calls and chat, which can be scheduled with your Mentor any time that is convenient for you!

Receive two 30-minute sessions each month, including a New Member On-Boarding Call, and progress tracking against your Career Plan.

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